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Over 30 Call-To-Action Scripts

Pre-written scripts for whatever results you want to get -- Email subscribers, Facebook fans, social media followers, or new customers -- no more guessing what to say to get your listeners to finally take action.

Over 40 Lead Magnet/Freebie Ideas

You want to grow your list, but you're not sure what to give away aside from an ebook or video course. Here are over 40 lead magnet ideas that you can use, including some of the most effective giveaways I've ever used.

The "Do's and Don'ts" of Podcast Calls-To-Action

There are some things you can do that will instantly kill the effectiveness of your CTA... The Podcast CTA Do's and Don'ts are here to help you avoid those mistakes (and tell you what to do instead).

10 Real-World Call-To-Action Examples from Top Podcasts

It took us hours and hours to find compelling CTA examples to show you because so few people get this right. The few that do are getting incredible results. Listen to these examples to get amazing inspiration for your own podcast.

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Converting Podcast Listeners Isn't Easy...

Discovering what gets people to opt-in, join your group, follow you on social media, or buy your stuff can be an insanely difficult process. Beyond that, your listeners aren't sitting in front of a computer screen clicking an ad. They're listening to you, hoping to solve a problem and to be entertained. How do you transfer that intent into a customer, anxious to buy your product?

Instead of just telling you, I wanted to make it easy and share with you exact scripts, examples, and ideas that you can implement right away. 

How do I know they work? I've used them.

My name is Tim Paige. I'm the host of a podcast with well over 100K listeners each and every month, and I've seen first hand what it's like to scratch my head and wonder why I can't get them to take action.

I've also seen what it's like to have the light bulb go on and suddenly watch opt-ins go up, webinar attendance skyrocket, and sales from podcast listeners go through the roof. 

The Podcast Conversion Blueprint is the specific tactics we used to accomplish exactly that, and I want you to have it. Click the button below to order your copy now.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you don't feel like I've delivered exactly what was promised, send me an email within 30 days and I'll refund every dollar... after a few questions of course :)

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If you haven't been getting the results from your podcast that you hoped you would, it's time to take action now. You can apply the scripts and guidance in the Podcast Conversion Blueprint immediately, so why wait any longer? Click the button below and finally start converting your podcast listeners today. $97 is a tiny investment in your success.

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